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Case study –

In New Zealand, a diet test was conducted on five endurance athletes for two months. For the first month, they were strictly given the specific food according to the demands of their career. However, in the second month, they were introduced to a keto diet. On this sudden introduction, three of them did catch flu; however, on the whole, the results were positive.

Not just that – after two months, there was a marked change in their physical statistics, and now their demographics were healthier. One can note from here itself the marked change that the concept of the highly effective ketosis diet brought to the fore. People are also raving about the use of CBD oils with a Keto diet. We haven’t tried it ourself personally, but HerbMighty have published a best cbd oil Buyer’s Guide which may be helpful for you.

Now, you may have a general query as to – what is this diet all about and whether it suits all your requirements or not and most importantly if it is healthy. Well, to get an answer to all your queries – scroll down!

The truth of keto diet

Known explicitly as cyclic ketogenic diet, this is one of the rapid techniques of losing body fat along with maximum retention of muscles. Proved to be one of the highest rated regarding garnering energy, this diet has gained immense popularity in recent times.

Back in 1970’s, the strategy of such target-based diet was introduced by Dr Atkins for losing weight. However, in essence, keto diet’s primary function is to help release ketones into the blood. Rather, in layman’s terms – it is a process via which a specific part of their body fat is diverted in the correct direction.

Point to note: Unlike Atkin’s diet, which is considered the starting point of ketosis, this does not allow unlimited consumption of proteinaceous products.

Most of the cells make use of blood sugar, which is the prime source of energy. Once a person starts with this process, the body fat disintegrates, and therefore the human brain is ideally fuelled.

The most opted diet!

There are specific types of this diet decided by people. They are –

  1. Targeted diet

After a certain time-period, carbs tend to disrupt the process. To ensure that this does not happen and manage levels of fat and protein in humans this procedure has been introduced. Point: From general weight loss tips to the complicated glycogen storage problems, this standard version is followed by most doctors and patients.

  1. Standard diet

This is the original keto diet that most people have been following for a long time. Here, the focus is on – level of fat, protein and carbohydrate. Divided in the ratio of – 70:25:5, it is followed by people with minimal physical activity (though pairing keto with regular exercise is the key)! Point: In this case calorie is derived from fat, so consumption must be likewise.

  1. Cyclic diet

This is mostly targeted at sportspersons and is limited to some months. This re-feed session works as – strict keto diet followed by a break and again followed by diet. For this diet type, the prime idea is to replenish glycogen which is lost from muscles by introducing carbs. Point: In tune with each of its other functions, this looks to manage fitness levels of one’s body.

  1. Restricted diet

In this case – the level of calorie and carbs must be reduced, and body starts losing glycogen. Targeted as the mode to deal with cancer, as per scientific research this has given almost 60% positive results.  Point: Since cancer cells do not make use of ketones hence they cannot survive.

  1. High protein-based diet

In such case, as per recent data obtained – keto diet is framed in a manner to improve protein in diet and reduce the level of carbs. Point: Herein, this diet tries to reduce hunger pangs (though initially there may be a rise in the same). Once that is done, the concerned person will reduce food intake and thereby lose weight.

With different body types demanding differentiated treatment, amount of calorie and carb intake keeps changing. Therefore, medical practitioners in most cases ask patients who wish to follow this diet to undergo blood and physical test, check their regular food habits and only then frame the diet chart.

What people perceive – the stark reality to it

For most people, the concept of this diet is merely a matter of fiction. The side-effects include –

  • Unbearable hunger
  • Chronic lethargy

The stark reality of ketosis is to bring about a metabolic modality in one’s system which does not adhere to the known concepts of a ‘diet’.

The greatness of taking up ketosis diet

Unlike the general nutritionist diet that most doctors vote for, the keto diet brings to the fore a completely different angle to one’s body. The organs of the body can use either ketones or glucose to continue with its functioning.

When one’s body is functioning on ketones, specific changes take place –

  1. The concept of water retention is reduced to the extent of elimination
  2. The body’s energy levels are heightened
  3. There is a reduction in muscle catabolism
  4. Also, finally lipolysis is increased substantially

The whole idea is – minus triggering of the of insulin-glucose specific hormonal changes must be brought into the human system. Though there are controversies regarding high and low cholesterol level, the carbs in the blood balance the level of cholesterol. The ketogenic diet is framed in such a manner.

The bottom line of this diet

The concept of ketosis has gained prominence in current times since it has extended its domain from mere weight loss strategy to other areas. It includes diabetes, cancer, polycystic ovary syndrome, epilepsy, metabolic syndrome to name a few.

Amidst all of this – the original concept that has to be taken into consideration is the presence of a balanced and unprocessed diet. It is not only rich in colourful vegetables and fruits but includes lean meat, fish, olive oil, nuts and seeds.

Thus, if you are looking to give your body a real treat minus the crash diet and gym class – keto diet is your way out! So, try out this renowned diet today to get your desired figure and don your dream outfit!